Montego Bay, Jamaica

Above the City

Montego Bay, Jamaica, where all your worries and doubts disappear! Humid air, sunshine and salty water: my trip to this tropical island was phenomenal! If anyone is having any doubt about visiting Jamaica let me put your mind at ease and say DO IT! This was the most relaxing, wonderful and fun place that I have ever been. We flew there in November, which according to the internet is the best time of year to go. It is right after their rainy season and not so hot that you can’t do anything outside. Not to say that it still wasn’t hot, our weather was sunny and 80-85 degrees the whole time! We stayed at Sun Set Cove Resort, it is kid friendly and a very nice resort. The views of the ocean and garden were beautiful, the drinks were endless and the Jerk Chicken was out of this world!

The first couple of days there were spent laying by the ocean, snorkeling from the beach and drinking as many Pina Coladas as we could. The water was calm, no waves crashing on the beach, and boy was it warm. The water was cool enough to cool us off but warm enough to stay in and swim all day. I would wake up every morning around 6 AM, put on my swim suit, mind you it was 75 degrees that early, grab a cup of coffee and head down to the beach to enjoy the sunrise. That time of morning there was really no one else around except a few people who had the same idea as me. It was so quiet and relaxing, I would suggest to everyone to at least try it once. Breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, potatoes, and fruit and of course mimosas! Afterwards it was back to the beach to soak in the sun and play in the sand. I should mention that I was in Jamaica with Dalton and his family, grandparents, mom and stepdad, his sister and her boyfriend and their daughter.

Lunch View

On the third day I of course woke up and went to the beach before anyone else was up. Eventually we met for breakfast and discussed our plan for the day. We decided to hang out at the beach until lunch, grab a bite at the buffet. Which was amazing! They always had fish, salad, fruit, pastas, chicken, soups, bread, desserts and more that I just can’t remember! The only downside to the buffet was they never had their famous jerk chicken, which was only in their restaurant on the other side of the resort. Let me just say that the jerk chicken is indescribable! So spicy but so full of flavor and anyone who knows me knows I don’t like spicy foods, but I could have eaten that every day for lunch and dinner! Anyways the resort had a pool bar that we decided to hang out in for the afternoon, the drinks were amazing and the company was great! The third day was an unforgettable day because at the end of it the whole family went down to the beach at sunset to take family pictures. During one of the pictures of just Dalton and I, he got down on one knee and proposed! It was so romantic and such a surprise! I won’t bore you all with too many details but it is a memory I will never forget! That night we went to the fancy restaurant at the resort and celebrated!


The fourth day, I’m sure you can guess what I did first thing, coffee and sunrise. We had a plan to go parasailing that afternoon. The weather was so warm and the sun was shining all day. Our captain was a blast and very friendly! We went in pairs, seeing the island and ocean from above. The water was beautiful! Blues and greens we could distinctly see the different shades, showing us where deeper and shallow waters were. The air in our faces felt amazing and I could have sworn we were up there for twenty minutes! Back on the boat we watched as everyone else went up and got dipped in the water. It was a great day and a fun adventure to go on! We ended the evening eating jerk chicken!

Our second to last day, us kids decided to go to the Blue Hole Waterfall, of course it didn’t start with going there, we were actually supposed to be going to a more popular waterfall but our driver told us about this other one so we wanted to check that out instead. It was beautiful! The name should be called Blue Hole Waterfalls, since it is not just one waterfall. When you first get to the parking, there are boys, probably anywhere from 13 to early 20’s waiting for tourists to pull up. They take you on tour of the falls. If I could go back I would do it again but take my time more. If you are planning on going to the falls do not let your guide rush you through like ours did. At the time we thought it was great because we were getting to see everything without waiting in line, but looking back it all happened so fast that it’s hard to remember it too well. Also they say that phones are not allowed, which is true unless you have a waterproof case because you are jumping in the water and swimming most of the time! Let me warn you though, they say they will take pictures with their cameras but then want to charge you $80 in American dollars to buy your photos. I would recommend taking a water proof camera and taking your own pictures. We did talk the guys down in price for the pictures but they were still too expensive for us! Sadly we only got a couple pictures at the very beginning of the falls. Don’t let this discourage you though! The falls come honestly by their name, the water is a bluish green and a little cold, although not freezing! On our trip it was raining but still so fun! We hiked along trails that followed the river, we jumped in the water multiple times at different holes. We climbed water falls that we eventually jumped off the top! We swam in the water, went off rope swings, and crawled through holes in the falls. It was a great time! The fresh water felt great and the scenery was beautiful! We walked past vendors on the trails, selling sugar cane, tea leaves and marijuana. All too soon it was over though and we were heading back to the resort. Our taxi driver was very laid back and fun to talk with. He stopped for us at a local market and bought us sugar cane and what they call Pear Avocados. When I first tried the sugar cane I had no idea how to eat it, so I bit a piece off and chewed and chewed and chewed until finally I couldn’t stand the taste and spit it out. Well come to find out you’re supposed to bite a piece off, suck the juice out and then just spit it out! Lesson learned there. Now let me tell you about these Avocados! They are three times the size of what we in the United States call avocados, and way better tasting. They are almost creamier, and the taste is much better. I would eat one of those everyday if I could! All in all the day trip was great and I would recommend going to see the falls!

First Falls

There was a day that we went shopping with some other people from the resort. It was fun to see the city of Montego Bay and experience some more of the Jamaican culture, like their driving for instance! There are of course lanes on the roads, but no one really pays attention to these, if there is lane moving to slow, one car will just start another lane and more will follow. They use their horns as a way of communicating with each other. Honking to pass, turn, or simply say hi. They all drive very fast too, well it seems fast anyways with so many people! We shopped all day and bought some cool things, but the best part was at the end when we stopped at a local shopping area and a man was sitting outside carving bamboo cups. He made the cups right in front of us and carved whatever we wanted on the sides. Mine had Dalton and I’s names on it, with the year and the word “IRIE,” which in the Jamaican slang means, “Everything’s all good.” This was the best present I brought back from Jamaica.

Our trip was over too soon, but it was an experience I will never forget! The views were outstanding, the food and drinks were amazing, and we did everything from playing beach volleyball, to snorkeling, to jumping off waterfalls and flying in a parachute above the ocean. I plan to one day go back and try out more fun activities in that beautiful country. I would say to everyone that Jamaica is a place of relaxation, adventure and should be on your bucket list!

Quiet Escape